The Wellness breakfast seminar is designed to equip organisations with the tools to run successful wellbeing programmes.

At DeCare Dental, we are experts at employee wellness programmes. When it comes to employee health and wellbeing, we understand just how important a healthy, happy workforce can be. This is why we developed a course that builds the principles and knowledge of health and wellbeing and gives these tools to Wellness/HR teams that inspire and encourage others in their workforce.

The seminar covers all the essential information Wellness/HR teams will need to help influence change in behaviours within their workplace. Most importantly, we will find out from the Wellness/HR teams, their current organisation’s needs, allowing us to give them the best tools to really make a difference.

This seminar is designed to:

  • Share the most recent information about the science and best practices of effective corporate health and well-being programs to get better engagement.
  • Importance of wellbeing in the workplace including facts, figures on the health of Irish employees.
  • Networking with fellow business leaders that want to create more impactful health and well-being programs for their workplaces.
    Gain an understanding of the how mental health issues impact the workplace
  • Gaining an understanding of the power leadership can have in driving positive health, wellbeing and engagement.
  • The role of a wellbeing champion and their responsibilities.

Happier, healthier, more engaged employees have a very positive impact on work productivity. Focusing on wellness strategies can attract the talent you need to stay competitive. But leaders need to know how to visibly lead these initiatives.

As more companies start or expand a wellness program, it’s important to recognise the risks a company should be aware of when designing and implementing a program.