Orla Conneely. Director of High Achievers

Director of High Achievers, a training and development consultancy based in Dublin and Dubai. With over 12 years experience as a facilitator,
delivering high impact programs Orla has trained thousands of people across Ireland and the Middle East with a consistent record of achievement. Orla graduated in Human Resources (GMIT) is a qualified business coach, certified in Emotional Intelligence (Dynamic Learning) and most recently became a Lego Serious Play facilitator.

Orla is passionate about experiential learning in the training industry, and
designs and develops specific training modules for top global companies in
both Ireland and the UAE with particular focus on Emotional Intelligence,
Building Resilience and Re-Wiring the Brain to build a High Performance
Mind-set. Orla believes in order to create a different tomorrow we must look at our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are driving our actions if we are looking to create different results.

Orla is a Keynote Speaker and is regularly speaking to large audiences
(1000+ delegates) on various topics including “Unleash the Spark Within”
and is a frequent guest speaker with the Coaching Institute on “How to Best
Equip Your Teams with the Right Tools”, Her seminars are highly engaging
and interactive where Orla takes the audience out of their comfort zone
into their growth zone with practical strategies to equip delegates with the
necessary tools to start living to their full potential.